which one for the eric church concert tomorrow night?

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  1. love-lust-laughter answered: Red one!
  2. forevercountryx2 answered: THE RED!
  3. smalltown-countrychic answered: the bottom it fits better: )
  4. red-white-andblonde answered: the second one that’s blue n’ white!! :)
  5. awkwardequine answered: bottom :))
  6. sheworeayellowribbon answered: the lighter one!
  7. green-eyed-southern-belle answered: ed
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  9. keep--me-in-mind answered: The buttom one!
  10. flyindownadirtroad answered: white one!
  11. canadiancountrybelle answered: bottom one!
  12. tattoos-and-marlboros answered: bluee for sho.. have fun tomorrow night!(:
  13. the-illest-1 answered: Bottom one.
  14. ninetyeightmilessouth answered: red one :)
  15. kisss-me-in-the-raiin answered: 2nd one (:
  16. redneckbelle answered: The blue one! It fits you so good, better than the red :)
  17. kriztuhlann said: Def the blue and white one!
  18. firesandfarming answered: White one for sure.
  19. couldbecountry answered: Bottom Blue! Have fun!
  20. thereallelabelle answered: The blue one. The red one gaps a little bit. Plus the blue one sets off your hair.
  21. countrygirlinacountryworld said: 2nd one. The blue and white.
  22. sweettea-rednecks said: Bottom blue! Looks best on you darlin.
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